Recent Work

New App and Website

Created a CRM system that captured 10,000+ emails and sales data, and built a CX database.

New Website

Welcoming 10,000+ users within 3 months of developing and launching a new website. Created a new menu to launch new restaurant during COVID-19 online ordering. Increased sales by 150%.


Created 9 segments and saw 19% of known guests was only known. 80% of revenue was not being captured. Grew email database from 0% to 66% in 3 months and phone number from 16% to 55% to create SMS campaigns.

Mobile Optimization

Crafted short- and long-term business plans, implemented billboards, and formulated advertising strategies. After installed an online reservation system, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Facebook Manager, Facebook Ads, and Remarketing Tags, Worked with vendors and contractors to produce new content.

Social Marketing Campaign

Facebook and Instagram

Grew followers by 300% in San Diego by affinity audience and liked audience. Increased Instagram by 500% by developing a influencer strategy.


Shadow box

Created a re-brand of entire company by developing a shadow box with new logos, color palette, artwork for logo wear, and outdoor signage.

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